Bangkok Biennial 2020(1) will run between three time-based contexts and take a sequential/episodic/modular approach to the biennial format over the course of a year. 

The three periods of BB2020(1) are:

1 – Oct 31st-Nov 21st 2020,

2 – March 13th-April 3rd 2021

3 – Sept 17th-Oct 9th 2021

'Open Phase Registration' is still open to those interested in participating -

concluding with phase 3 - Sept 17th-Oct 9th 2021

please enter the Pavilions microsite to if you are interested in participating 

Please see our Statement of BB2020's Schedule & Format here. and please write to us at bbteam@ should you have any questions or concerns.

The Bangkok Biennial is made up of any number of autonomous ‘pavilions’; each is self-instigated and self-organized without oversight from, or being subject to the authority of, a central body. This allows potential for a wider range of possibilities and a more diverse set of artists, curators, audiences, contexts and communities than that of the more typical, centrally- authored approach.