Bangkok Biennial is a unique and critical example of large-scale exhibition in the

city-based ‘biennial format’. 


In an effort towards achieving a de-centering of perspective and a non hierarchical organization, it functions without central curation or any sort of selection process.

It is an open-source ideology, based in community and accessibility. 


The Bangkok Biennial is made up of any number of autonomous ‘pavilions’; each is

self-instigated and self-organized without oversight from, or being subject to

the authority of, a central body. This allows potential for a wider range of possibilities

and a more diverse set of artists, curators, audiences, contexts and communities than

that of the more typical, centrally- authored approach.

Each edition of the Bangkok Biennial is an unexpected composition of these many disparate parts and so unfolds in a very different way, at a very different tempo, to the ‘spectacle’ often associated with ‘biennale’. It poses a radical new model of representation in contemporary art practice, alternate to more common centralized or top-down curatorials. 

For a deeper understanding of the Bangkok Biennial, please have a look at the first edition, Bangkok Biennial 2018

If you are interested in joining Bangkok Biennial 2020 as a a pavilion, please check Pavilion Registration 2020